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whoareyou-noone said: Hello, Fantasy. I was worried you had left us. I'm incredibly glad that you haven't, and really happy to hear that you're okay after your accident. Since you were kind enough to say that me telling you you're my fantasy gave you a smile I wanted you to know you're still my fantasy. If I'm lucky I'll give you one more smile. I'd love to drink some Scotch to your health, and I'm looking for a new one to try. Any suggestions? I'll have to take your suggestion since it IS to your health.

Well, I almost did, and not just with the blog.  But, hey, I have way too much attitude left in me.

Thanks.  I’m pleased that you enjoy the blog.  Recently, I was impressed with a Bunnahabhain 18.  (Pronouced “byoo-nuh-vun,” I think.)

darkhawk113 said: Sorry to hear about your bike. Hope you are well and managed to avoid major injuries. Is bike a write off or there is still hope for it?

The bike is a write-off, and I almost was too.  No, I did not avoid major injury, but I’m mending just fine.  Helmets and leather are good.  So is percocet. Lots and lots of percocet. 

equus-the-dude said: I'm sorry about your bike. I'm glad you're alive. You haven't list your wit, and that keeps me coming back!

I made the nurses piss themselves. It was great.

geiroelnir said: In case people aren't saying this often enough: Great to see you back and active on Tumblr. It isn't half as much fun without you.

Thank you.

topjames2 said: by now I think we've had a few of those belated Patriotic Drinking and Roasting Days. Glad to see you're alive :-)

I am too.

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