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toanswerandfollow asked: Erin, your thoughts on rimming??

I’ve won a lot of free doubledoubles, but never anything big.

cloudmuse asked: Thanks for the collection, drop by sometime :)

I’m pleased that you’re enjoying the blog.

reptileinmypants asked: do you take submissions? :)

Sure. Bend over while I get my strap-on.

samanthachatte asked: Oh Christ almighty darling, I got wet just READING what you are about! Fuck me dead! I haven't even looked at more than three feet of your blog and I'm wetting my panties. Join the club, or I'd better say I will join your club as you seem to have been taking cum in your mouth far longer than me. LOVE you sweetheart. Let's share. Samantha xxx (will proceed down your blog, yum fucking yum I'm cumming again)

You’re a dude. With a very unimaginative nick.

corky1959 asked: Have u ever sucked off someone that cummed in like 30 seconds?

He was mortally embarrassed.

backgrinder asked: This isn't a question but I believe "the black chick" is Misty Stone. In addition to being a great fellatrix her sensuality extends to kissing girls with excellence, as a quick google search will reveal.

Thanks for sharing.

thefabulousfabulist asked: The black girl is Misty Stone.

Thanks for sharing.

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(Source: footsy)