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strugglefuck said: What kinda bike you got?

Right now, a tarp-covered mound of Japanese scrap metal. 

egthis said: Glad your'e back, and glad you survived your accident.

So was my mother. 

sledhead69 said: not asking, just saying. good for you. remind me of an ex gf.(hell, maybe you are her.lol) from a guy in b.c. all the best and I am following you now

I pawned your watch.  

whatiwant70 said: Love your work x

I live to serve.

not50shadesdom said: Haven't seen you post in a while. Glad to see you back, gorgeous. I know that my enjoyment isn't your goal in blogging, but I do enjoy your posts/comments. :)

Thanks.  I’ve been in an detox centre just north of Cleveland, playing a lot of Tetris and blowing fat orderlies for cigarettes. 

pjfrigate said: No idea why, but the photo you posted (on 6/3) of the blonde with curly hair, looking up at her partner... Whew. Too hot for words. Maybe hottest photo you've ever posted. Certainly top 10. I looked up the whole photo set, and not only that, she has blonde pubes! Excuse me while I... go back to work.

You’ve been entertaining the IT department for some time.  

Wait… is that your desk phone ringing?

wingsopenwide said: I am impressed, may I give you Compliments

Their cookies are ok, but I’m more of a gooey brownie person. 

dolfan1963 said: I am enjoying all the comics. Thank you

I recently discovered Jim Jeffries.

burnz2feather said: I like your blog. u seem very open. i wish more woman were like u.

*curtsies in boots*

beavis78 said: thank you... and greetings from scandinavia... :)

Herring is yummy.

evplives said: Damme great blog!!

Yeah, I’d do Jean Claude.