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justafatcock asked: I really enjoy checking tumblr at 12:30 in the morning and getting to read a bunch of your sassy replies. And see penises in people's mouths. That's nice too.

The Shelikestosuckit Blog. Sass and suckage by the light of the silvery moon, baby. 

j-marlow-deactivated20130607 asked: Your tumblr gets me so hard for so many reasons. I used to get drunk and comment, back when you had anonymous comments, but I'm turned on enough now that I had to create a tumblr account just to tell you how amazing you are. Every Tuesday afternoon I lock the door to my university office, undo my belt, pull out my hard cock and spend some time enjoying you tumblr.

So. You used to get drunk and comment. Comment when I took anonymouses. While you were drunk. And now that you’ve found the sober balls to make a tumblr account of your precious own and “just to tell me” this (since I stopped taking anonymouses because of all the stupid, insipid bullshit I got from them) now you think this is going to endear yourself to me.

Blow me, porkchop. 

j-burns1-deactivated20130702 asked: hello, how are you?

… Would love to see you again/Hello, how are you?/I’ve been trying to reach you in vain…”

favorite-erotica-deactivated201 asked: Do you ever masturbate thinking about nothing but giving oral? Not receiving pleasure of your own? If so what's a frequent scenario (e.g. blindfolded, multiple guys, the receiver talking dirty)?


piercekayo asked: your blog always turns me on.. thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing that my blog always turns you on.

devildog224 asked: Where is the kinkiest place you ever gave head at?

An operating room. 

chavychonchaccino asked: It's my birthday and I think your tumblog here is great

It’s the anniversary of the Battle of Stoney Creek, where Canadians kicked some American ass, and I like that you think my tumblog here is great.