Anonymous asked: I know you want to hear from the women, but I'm going to add my opinion as a gay/bi man. To me, the appeal of sucking a black cock is that it is something different from myself. Variety is the spice of life and I love that there is such a rich variety of cocks in the world, white, black, thick, thin, long, short, cut, uncut, curved, straight, veined, smooth, young, old, etc. I love to celebrate the variety and try something new. (btw been reading the blog a long time, love it and you!)

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Another response.

"You asked for an honest answer. My family is from Mobile. I moved from the south when I left for college. I own a business in Chicago. I like the guys, and I think they make great dancers and are funny when they want to be. But the real reason I do it is because I know for a fact that my great-grandfather owned slaves. God’s truth."

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clitastrophe-deactivated2013050 asked: I once had a stalker, a tall black man with a really deep voice. There were nights I used to fantasize about him; curious if his obviously larger dick would fit in my small mouth, wondering how he tasted - salty, sweet, bitter? But he took his trespassing to a scary place so I have very mixed feelings about all of it and try not to think about it anymore. Now, black pussy on the other hand is a very different story. Does clit sucking count? =)

quietlylurking asked: Love the blog! Not sure how to do this anon! In response to your question, as a shy, reserved woman more often than not in my life, i usually associate black men with confidence and directness. So in addition to any physical gifts they may or may not have (because that's a stereotype) there is an intellectual excitement attached to the thought of a man like that interested in and excited by me. Having said that, yes on a purely superficial level the contrast of skin colour is erotic to me too.

So earlier, I asked women subscribers to inbox me with (for whom it applied) what it was about fellating black guys that made them hot?

And here are some of the responses so far. 

You know what?

Doing this blog so totally cracks me up. 

No, really. I mean, when the wifebeater isn’t pulled up and the Josie and The Pussycats underoos aren’t around my ankles and I’m frigging my cunny while I sit here and reblog this shit, then I’m doubled-over in laughter while I’m reading stuff I get sometimes. 

And you wondered why I’ve been doing this so often lately. 

withoutasking-deactivated201306 asked: <C-R-A-C-K> Did you hear that??? That was the sound of thousands of dreams simultaneously shattering. You've broken many a heart with that post for one admirer. But, then, in your ultimate brilliance - the small cock pic. (Can I be you when I grow up?)

I don’t know. I could be Batman. 

matt8989-deactivated20140204 asked: with all the silly comments you get from lets just say not so smart people i just want to invent a button for tumblr so you can remotely slap them lol

Want a blowjob?

mattinf222 asked: Can u post a pic of urself


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For the women subscribers:

I’m going to turn the last question I asked around. 

Fill my inbox, if you would, with this: For those of you who enjoy, or fantasize about, black men, why? What is it about giving head (since this is a BJ blog) to a man of colour that gets you off?

Be honest.

CIS and transwomen equally invited. And for this, I’m removing the block on anonymous replies. 

That&#8217;s right. And now it&#8217;s time for me to get mine. Double double, please. See ya, tumblr. 

That’s right. And now it’s time for me to get mine. Double double, please. See ya, tumblr.