jasonmadball asked: Your blog is very interesting I like that not only is there porn but also humor and favorite are the short story pictures... good job!

I like being told that I’ve done a good job.

rdk1978 asked: Hey cute lips X


pazuzu6 asked: Can we send you fan "male" about the reaction to your awesome blog? Have a great weekend and may you enjoy plenty of cocksicles!

Seems to me that you just did. Thanks.

natemonster77 asked: Just ran across your blog and it caught my attention. I would love to watch you sucking my cock and swallowing every last drop I give you!

Yo, how’s the single life?

clamcandy-deactivated20130811 asked: Given an nice clean glory hole, and of course an unlimited supply of clean hard cocks. Would you spend some time and how many do you think you'd care to do?

Yo, you really like this fantasy, don’t you?

onebigblkone asked: I've been reading your post and you have smart ass mouth I would love to shove my dick down your throat!!!

Yo, I’m sure you would. 

curiousldy45-deactivated2013080 asked: HI I'm Maggie. F44, married in a D/s relationship. I love to suck cock too :) I would love to talk more with a kindred soul

Yo, thanks for sharing.

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Dear diary,

I really like the word blowjob.  Just the way saying it forces my mouth to move a certain way make me weak in the knees sometimes. Sometimes I say it, over and over, quietly to myself when I’m masturbating.  

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blahzey asked: So, what are your thoughts on Sex At Dawn?

It hasn’t arrived yet. 

curious3045 asked: Hey there, saw one of your answers to a guy and you threatened him with a strap on. What do I have to say for you to do it to me :)

Ok. This is me threatening you with a strap-on. 

justafatcock asked: I'd let you strap up and moodswing all over me.

You’re so easy.