salparadisewasright said: I missed you. Yes, really. You give the best damn brain.

immoraldeviant said: I wanted to say on behalf of those that decide it's a good idea to harass, belittle, or threaten lovely people on tumblr: They're sorry. Not sorry in an apologetic way, but sorry in the pathetic way. It both pisses me off and disheartens me when people feel like they should act like that. I never got the chance to interact with Clitastrophe, but yours has been my favorite blog since I found it. That being said, I welcome your return happily, with whatever changes you want to make.

soverymuchbacon said: Just wanted to let you know that your blog isn't always a sexual thing for me. I wanted to thank you for giving me something entertaining to read during my day and/or sneakily view in public. 'Tis a shame about all the bad eggs you have dealt/ deal with but on behalf of the more loving fans I tilt my glass of scotch (which I'm enjoying neat) and thank you for coming back each day.

mzfk said: Praise the Great Priestess of Snarky Sucky Tumblrery ! I'm glad you're back. Also, I hope clitastrophe still passes by this blog so she can read the support messages. Even if it doesn't change the fact that ONE guy ruined it for everyone else. Some people are just giant turds molded into humanoid shape. I'm feeling a little sad you finally had it and won't reply to porkchops. I think for some of us you were actually teaching us a lesson about respect and not acting so fucking stoopid.

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