Anonymous asked: what is your fav position to suck???

I have a thing for couches.

Anonymous asked: A very hypnotising blog you got girrl

Yes, it is.

Thank you for emptying your wallet and giving me all of your pin numbers. Now… stay relaxed, and when you hear me snap my fingers, you’ll be alert, aware, and calm. Ready?

notnormalew asked: in which country are you at the moment ?

British Columbia is in Canada.

You’re an American, aren’t you?

lulubaines-deactivated20131228 asked: I love your blog. -- Lu, 23/f

Thanks. — Erin, 28/f

thisguy696969 asked: You make me so fuckibg hard could you check out my blog I think you might like what you find can you let me know :)

Have you fuckibg heard of punctuation?

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Anonymous asked: what is your ideal men?

Anonymous asked: prefer to swallow or get a facial?

You tell first.

Anonymous asked: can you post some pics of yourself? I'm just curious to how sexy you look like ;)

An interesting request from someone who asks anonymously, wouldn’tja think? 

vansoffthewall106 asked: Kik me garrettfogggg if you want dick

Hang on. Let me get my boots.